A Comprehensive Comparison of Piper M600 SLS and Epic E1000

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The Epic E1000 and Piper M600 SLS are two popular single-engine turboprop aircraft known for their impressive performance. Despite having only one engine, these planes can reach high altitudes and perform comparably to conventional aircraft with two engines. This video compares the features and capabilities of the two aircraft, highlighting their strengths and specifications. Aviation enthusiasts can stay tuned until the end to learn more about these remarkable planes. Subscribe to the channel for regular updates and more videos on luxury aviation.

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23 thoughts on “A Comprehensive Comparison of Piper M600 SLS and Epic E1000”

  1. Some Epic figures don't add up. Their own specifications give an empty weight of 4,600, MTOW 8,000, max fuel 1,100 and max load with full fuel of 1,100... but 4600 + 1100 + 1100 is 6800, so where did the other 1,200 pounds go? They also give max payload as 2238. If that's true then that would be with no fuel... because turning 1,100 pounds of fuel into payload only brings us to 2,200 pounds of payload and we are still short 38 pounds.

  2. Epic would be my first choice , but as an old guy , the Garmin Autoland would sure have me thinking about the piper , and if the piper also had the trailing link landing gear like the Epic , it would be a very hard choice . But once the Epic gets caught up with the Autoland ....well its all over ...Epic ...without a second thought .
    Now ....just got to figure out those lottery numbers

  3. Epic and M600
    Both have 5 blade propeller. Having flown both. I would prefer newer Epic. Epic ergonomic is better and with spacious cockpit, more left room, bigger cabin, hold and photochromatic windows is my choice

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